May, 2010. Database laboratory project

This is a project was developed as part of the curriculum of the database laboratory lab. It is a simple program that was mean to demonstrate clarity of SQL functioning and usage along with being able to operate of a database as a back end.

I designed a dummy medical research organizer with features to study relationships between user inputted Patient, Medicine, Disease, Pharmacy and Research records. The program is unlikely to be usable by an actual study, but, it’s UI and flexibility shows how it could be extended to cater to real life data organization needs.

Since this is a simple program, the very first laboratory that we had in U.G, I guess I’d just show the screenshots of the picture. There isn’t much to explain that the pictures can’t anyway.



Main screen

Record addition:

Addition summary

The first button brings up an MDI window enabling the user to individually add Records

Patient Addition

The patient record addition window for example, shows how simple and compact the UI is. Note that the disease field itself is a user defined list of diseases.

Patient Edit

This shows how easy it is to edit entries. All the user needs to do is to click on the “Edit” button or bring up the edit pane with clicking on the Blue pane at the bottom.

Disease Addition

Disease record addition

Research RecordMedicine AdditionPharmacy


Record searching:Search page summaryPatient SearchPharmacy searchResearch Record Search