January – March, 2013

12 – BlueShift

Undergrad Major/Thesis Project

This project aimed at developing a method to efficiently use multiple CPUs and GPUs across networked machines simultaneously for breaking MD5 hashes. I eventually solely authored a research paper based on this project. I then wrote a second paper addressing certain bottlenecks from the first paper and also described a botnet model by which attackers could exploit this method to break hashes previously thought too time consuming to break . You can find details and screenshots of this in the “Research Papers” section of the website.

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September, 2012

11 – TOUCHEx


This project aimed at attempting to create a Human Computer Interaction system which would enable users to achieve “touchless” clicking on LCD screen and projected screens

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May, 2012

10 – Klairovoyance


Program for .NET UI editing. Capable of viewing a program’s GUI outside Visual Studio. Features a finely abstracted code structure for simple addition and definition of GUI components for source analysis and GUI reconstruction. This is done by working on .res files of forms.

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May, 2012

9 – Insomnia


This is a cubic modeller made entirely from a mini graphics library, “Klaire”. This mimics a standard 3D modelling 4 viewport workspace similar to 3ds max and other 3D modelling tools. Designed and implemented in C++, it features texture support (only a single texture at the moment, for simplicity sake) and runtime editing.

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May, 2012

8 – LUnlocker


Complete automation of PSP detection and installation of CFW setup files according preprogrammed patch profiles for handling various versions of the OFW of the target PSP. Includes a game ISO manager, CFW file re-setter and OFW upgrader. All features integrated into a centralized and simple to use GUI.

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September, 2011

7 – KanMorph


Generic industrial media format transcoder using FFMpeg library. Has an extremely simple to use UI, highly small size on disk, minimal memory footprint, supports custom parameters modification. Beats commercial media transcoder “AVS4U” in size on disk, Memory footprint and conversion speed.

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June, 2011

6 – Transfusion


Android app for controlled remote access from Computers to android devices. Server is used to enroll user credentials and assign previledges to each user. Client apps log in to the computer server over WiFi and displays a list of assigned privileges to that user.

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October, 2011



A minimal cast of the 2008 VB personal project by the same Title. This is Cyber Cage management system which features extensively defined Actors like users, cashiers, administrators etc. This also features secure system locking (for client machines which aren’t logged in)  by means of open source kernel hooks.

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December, 2011

4 – Infusion


Program to simulate keystrokes of cheat codes when triggered from with-in games using Global keyboard shortcuts. Abstraction for user imputable cheats codes for custom games. First program of its kind.

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October, 2010

3 – BunnyBot


Programmable talking bot using a self designed mechanism for knowledge handling, usage, input and traversing. Knowledge is completely abstracted from actual code. Comes with a demo Knowledge template of a Network Service provider’s complaint recieptionist.

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May, 2010



Features a slick and easy to use UI for a simulated medical study using user specified combinations of parameters performed on pre-set or user inputted patient/medical/ailment data. Microsoft Access is used as backend for the project.

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December, 2009

1 – MelodyMax


Industrial Audio Media Player using audio library for industrial media handling capability, equalizers, audio visualization. This features finely abstracted slick window skins and supports skinning, playlist usage and standard media controls. Feature to control program from within the System tray using balloon notification was a feature unseen elsewhere at that time.

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