Forever in undying memory of the precious few who had to die; not entirely sure what the rest (of us) are doing alive, split from our still-remaining herd.

Stickied updates:

Updated H-indexNewThe one I wrote early in grad school received more citations recently, causing the H-index count to now reach 4.July 9, 2024Click here
Technical Program Committee memberNewReceived letter of recommendation by conference chair to serve on the Technical Program Committee (as official IEEE paper reviewer) for the 25th annual edition of a prominent conference that's been held since 1999!May 20, 2024Click here
On invention-citation#4, and AxonNewAn(other?) unsolicited rant plus artwork - at this point, are we even surprised... [Post 2/3] March 13, 2024Click here
On invention-citation#3NewAn unsolicited wall of text referred-to in the previous post; Remembering things that have come to be, 10 and 11 fucking years since precious people had to just fucking die.February 12, 2024Click here
Featured in 2 more Inventions (2+2)NewVery recently, was notified/learnt of 2 more fully granted inventions/patents which features my research (one of which shares exactly 50% base-work citation for)... I'm not done ensuring brevity/lucidity/ayy because of an unrelated recent "onset of events" (inb4 sthu, ffs... pls sos from the retroactive lobster 'mares pls) - I've been meaning to put to text this other stuff which has been growing stale on my mind - in addition to brief mentions of this "onset of events". I'll update this with over the next couple of days with a link to a wall of writing... January 23, 2024←←←
180 Google scholar citationsNewReceived the 180th citation a few days ago. As ever, dedicated and in memory of loved ones who left either this place or our lives, too soon. I still remember that food-court and coffee shop at Forum mall 10 years ago... and all the meanings that the time, held.October 12, 2023Click here
Research organically cited in WikipediaNewMy bitcoin research paper was organically proposed for insertion in the German Wikipedia webpage for Graphics Processor. To be honest, I'm unsure of why, but a German researcher seems to have proposed this citation to my paper in this commit, which seems to have been reviewed and approved. I wish JnX (and the other "missing" people) were still around - if you know, you know.July 27, 2023←←←
Official IEEE reviewerNewWas invited on official IEEE recommendation to serve as paper reviewer for a specific domain, at the 2023 3rd IEEE IET conference at Yunlin, Taiwan. 10 years ago, was my first ever published paper. I'll write about this soon.July 10, 2023Click here
Textbook citationsNewReceived 2 textbook citations - one each for the Bitcoin paper, and (my first) for the botnet paper. This prompted me to put to words things which have been growing stale in my head (link)March 15, 2022←←←
Artwork featuredArtwork featured in Lofi/Chillstep/Chillhop channel - "Blume" with ~half a million subscribers.January 26, 2022Click here
Logo design winner - MicrosoftWinning logo (as chosen by leadership) for Microsoft's IC3 (Intelligent Conversation and Communication Cloud) - the organization responsible for the backend of Skype for Business and Teams, comprising of ~2,000 engineers.Sometime in 2021Click here
Award for performance and art - MicrosoftAwarded by CVP (Corporate Vice President, Microsoft) Scott Van Vliet, and COS (Chief of Staff, Microsoft), Nikki Outzen.Sometime in 2021Click here
Special Stock Award - MicrosoftAwarded (amount withheld from display) Special Stock Award (SSA) for performance, opensource and optimization work (in 2020) which reduced service operating costs in order of hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.February 10, 2021N/A
Photography award - MicrosoftPhoto-compilation won at Microsoft Give 2021. Currently blown-up and wall-framed for permanent display for visitors and viewers at Microsoft Redmond Building 31. All pictures taken on campus. January 7, 2022Click here
UF Guidebook for Freshers crosses 10,000 downloadsDidn't think it would hit this number, but it did.August 4, 2021Click here
100 Google scholar citations for a single paperMy bitcoin paper earned its 100th citation - Never thought I'd see this happen.August 10, 2021Click here
Appearance in Microsoft's University Ad!A series of events led me to being selected to appear in a Microsoft University recruitment ad! Will put up a write-up soon! (link added in Nov'19)June 19, 2018Click here
Textbook Mention!My paper "Bitcoin mining acceleration and performance quantification" was mentioned in a chapter on Bitcoin mining in a standard graduate textbook on Secure protocols for electronic commerce! Update: Textbook purchased!January 2, 2017Click here
Recognized by NSA !Placed top 100 codebreakers in National Security Agency (NSA) Codebreaker's Challenge 2016 ! Received personally signed letter of commendation from USA's NSA (National Security Agency) technical directors Neal Ziring and Jeffrey Dickerson.January 1, 2017Click here

Regular updates:

Art ProjectNewRepainted ~2010 artwork: "Oh my God, it's full of stars!"January 7, 2022Click here
Art ProjectNewRepainted old artwork ~2014 - "Undying (Repaint 1)" and "Undying (Repaint 2)" January 7, 2022←←←
Painting timelapseNewTime lapse video of my painting of "Do you remember our dream?"October 21, 2021Click here
Art ProjectNewProject: Schizoid SketchingsSeptember 17, 2021Click here
100+ Google scholar citationsGot a few citation alerts at once, and realized that the last one of them had earned my 100th citation in Google scholarsOctober 20, 2020Click here
Site update!After recent events relating to both the past and recent past, 2nd anniversary of work at Microsoft, my health (I'm okay) and personal issues, I'm working on renovating my website to accommodate new sections ("Monologues" and a blog section), and to update the art and research sections.June 19, 2020Coming soon!
Art/Music work updated!Added new photographs, graphics, and music creations!November 21, 2019Click here
Updated UF Guidebook!Version: 0.8 releasedNovember 21, 2019Click here
Updated UF Guidebook!Version: 0.7 releasedNovember 13, 2018Click here
First job at Microsoft HQ!Started my first job at Microsoft's headquarters at Redmond! Software Developer for the Skype for Business Team. All by God's Grace! A dream of mine since the 6th grade! Will put up a write-up soon!February 12, 2018Coming soon!
Citation earned !My paper "Bitcoin mining acceleration and performance quantification" was cited in an technical paper titled " Future Applications of Blockchain in Business and Management: a Delphi study" August 4, 2017Click here
Citation earned !My paper "Usage of Botnets for high speed MD5 hash Cracking" was cited in an technical paper titled "End-to-End IoT Security Middleware for Cloud-Fog Communication" July 13, 2017Click here
Citation earned !My paper "Bitcoin mining acceleration and performance quantification" was cited in an technical paper titled "Breaking Down The Blockchain Hype – Towards A Blockchain Market Engineering Approach" July 6, 2017Click here
Artwork featured by popular Youtuber!My all-time favorite work of art - "Oh my God! It's full of stars!" has been featured by MixHound! He's got 332k subs and millions of views! I've been listening to his channel for 3 years!June 28, 2017Click here
IEEE Xplore indexed !My paper "On the Imminent Advent of Botnet Powered Cracking" at IEEE CIC'16 was indexed today !Jaunary 14, 2017Click here
New project !This project was made to help solve tasks of the NSA Codebreaker Challenge 2016January 1, 2017Click here
Authored paper !Solely authored a paper titled "On the Imminent Advent of Botnet Powered Cracking". Accepted for presentation at IEEE CIC '16! September 26, 2016Click here
7 Citations earned !My paper "Bitcoin mining acceleration and performance quantification" was cited in 5 technical articles (1 MS thesis, 2 PhD dissertations, 2 technical articles). My first paper was cited in a PhD thesis back in 2014, I noticed it only now. My last paper (as on date) recieved a citation in a technical paper.August 23, 2016Click here
Citation earned !My paper "Bitcoin mining acceleration and performance quantification" was cited in an technical paper titled "Is Disruptive Blockchain Technology the Future of Financial Services?" by Professor Lawrence of J.Trautman from George Washington University, who was kind enough to inform me of the citation in a very encouraging email.May 31, 2016Click here
New Drawing/Poem!Drawing of an abstract guitar and a poem in memory of the last time I played a song to a dying man.February 13, 2016Click here
Citation earned !My paper "Bitcoin mining acceleration and performance quantification" was cited in an article by Kumkum Gupta, Sparsh Agrawal, Ashrut Bharadwaj. “Dependability of Bitcoin in E-Commerce” (2015)February 18, 2016Click here
IEEE Xplore indexed !The paper I co-authored with Anusha M., presented at IEMCOM'15 was indexed some time last week.December 10, 2015Click here
IEEE Xplore indexed !My HCI paper presented at IEEE UIC-ATC-Scalcom'14 was indexed in IEEE Xplore only yesterday. October 31th, 2015Click here
New project !Made a program to download manuscripts from IEEE Xplore. It keeps track of all the links provided and downloads them one by one. It has a sleek UI to save download lists, ease bulk downloads and to view download progress. I made this to quicken the process of downloading multiple papers during researchOctober 12th, 2015Click here
First painting !Tried to paint for the first time. Jerry always wanted to paint. So, this is mine for him. An Acrylic and oil painting.October 11th, 2015Click Here
Citation earned !My paper "Bitcoin mining acceleration and performance quantification" was cited in a thesis describing a novel p2p system called the "vapor computing platform" introduced in "Using Proof-of-Assignment to solve NP problem:A platform for Vapor Computing". September 23, 2015Click here
Co-Authored new paper !Co-authored a new paper "An NFC featured three level authentication system for tenable transaction and abridgment of ATM card blocking intricacies".
Conference: 6th IEEE IEMCON, Vancouver, Canada
July 30th, 2015Click here