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After my first semester as a graduate student at UF, I happened to be invited to WhatsApp groups and Facebook groups that incoming students had made. They asked me questions, and I answered them. My super-seniors happened to be in same groups as well, and mentioned that they had helped my seniors in the same way. I noticed how most of the information shared would end up being unnoticed by most people, and that this repeated each semester. So, I went to Library West on the first day of my first Summer vacation day (Spring student here), got myself the much-required coffee that I always have each morning before I get to work, and began to write a document which I thought might help students end to end during the admission phase alone.

I expanded on the idea, and began to add things that I wished I’d known when I had joined UF. Simple things like, where to get good Indian food, or… why I couldn’t get my holds removed, or which courses to take, or when to graduate,  or… I don’t know, a hundred questions! I did my best within my time-boxed duration of 2 days and ended up with with a ~50 page document. 7 Iterations and more than >12,000 downloads later, it’s come have to become a dependable source of simple information for (largely) incoming Indian students and several other readers like potential students, students who simply want to know more about UF, and so on.

What you can expect to find in this guide (Current version 0.8):

Version 0.8 revision log:

  • Restored from scratch! I had lost the Word document for the guidebook. I had to manage with a barely-put-together pdf-to-word-converted Word document for the 0.7th version. I was able to get myself to sit down and convert the whole thing back to a properly formatted Word document again, so you should see less to no formatting errors now. (I couldn’t recover image quality, though so please do bear with it the way it is ={ )
  • Revamped index. You can now search by which “phase” you’re in! (“Admit received”, “Visa Obtained” etc).
  • Added numerous additional questions and answers (some from readers’ suggestions)!
  • Added food reviews.

Version 0.7 revision log:

  • General corrections
  • Added information about student discounts, scammers etc
  • Possible my last version. I lost the Word document, and I doubt I’m going to rewrite everything.

Version 0.6 revision log:

  • Spelling corrections and writing errors corrected.
  • Updated library hours
  • Added details about education library
  • Added free places to eat from on your birthday
  • Added a new 14-page computer science exclusive section! Details:
    • Graduation requirements and plans!
    • Course reviews!
    • 12 pages on career fairs, job hunting, company reviews!
    • Bonus section! ;D

Version 0.5 revision log:

  • Spelling corrections and writing errors corrected.
  • Updated names of places (Gateway at Glades -> The Nook etc)
  • Added details for printing locations
  • Added new study locations
  • Added pictures for more libraries.

Version 0.4 revision log:

  • Spelling corrections and writing errors corrected.
  • Updated rent rates for all locations
  • Added details for printing locations
  • Added minor details throughout the book.

Version 0.3 revision log:

  • Spelling corrections and writing errors.
  • Updated with Walmart’s new location
  • Updated Library West and Marston hours of operation
  • Added a few more answers

Version 0.2 revision log:

  • Spelling corrections and writing errors corrected.
  • Quoted IGSA articles for new detail on places to stay.
  • Suggestions using IGSA’s services.
  • More information on various ways to pay fees
  • Added detail for students using loans for tuitionfees

Frequently asked Questions

  • Is UFL better than this other university I’ve gotten an admit into?
  • How is the internship/job scene at UFL?
  • How difficult is it to make TA/RA at UFL?
  • Are part time jobs easy to get?

I’ve been admitted, now what?

  • Accepting the admit, scholarship and other initial paperwork.
  • Getting immunization done
  • Getting your finances in order
  • Getting your i20

How do I go about getting the visa?

  • Everything from paying the SEVIS fee to the final visa interview

Preparing for your travel

  • What you need to take and what you don’t.

Making travel arrangements

  • How to get to Gainesville.


  • The best places to stay while at UFL.


  • Paying tuition fees, setting up bank accounts and so on.


  • Where you can get what you need to get.


  • Choosing your first courses.

Health insurance

  • Something most people have problems doing right.

First day at UFL

  • Checking in at various places and so on.