December, 2011. Personal project

This project was meant to ease cheating in games. Cheats often involve typing out complex and random character sequences in at times critical situations. This software can be programmed to function according to the intended games the user wants to cheat in. The user can assign global keyboard shortcuts which, when triggered, prints the corresponding cheat code programmatically (mimicking actual typing). The most iconic feature of the program is that the user can create “Profiles” for each game and load a Profile for each game being played.


  • First program of its kind
  • Slick and integrated UI
  • Capability to be used in any game of required choice.
  • Programmed data can be saved as profiles and used later on.
  • Skinnable windows

Critical techniques used:

  • Global keyboard hooks (to capture keys no matter what window is in the foreground)

I’ve included the source code of program. Find the download link at the end. “RefractiveSoft” was this company name that I authored by programs with. It was what I wanted to call the company I want to start some day in the future. Just mentioning this in case someone finds this a reason to believe that I “outsourced” the creation of the program.

Main screen:

This is the main screen from which all program features can be accessed.


This is the main screen. The Table on the right shows the Profile currently loaded (In this case, it’s empty)


Create profile wizard


Setting the game’s EXE is optional. Just for convenience sake.


Naming the profile


The user can add cheat categories and then add cheats to each category


This window is used to add cheats to a category. The user names the cheat, adds the cheat code and specifies the key combination. This is done is a very easy way. All he needs to do is to hold down a button “How to detect” which pressing the desired key combination.


Displaying a few cheats


The program automatically detects the key combination and checks for duplicate entries.


After completion of addition of cheats


Summary Window showing all the cheats and their categories


This shows the program ready with the newly created profile. Also, this shows a drop down list of the recently loaded profiles.


Just a demonstration of program skinning