May, 2012. Graphics Laboratory

This is a cubic modeller made entirely from a mini graphics library, “Klaire” (Klaire is a “for-our-use-only” GFX library made by my brother during his Master’s in Game development, at USC). Anyway, this modeller mimics a standard 3D modelling 4 viewport workspace similar to 3ds max and other 3D modelling tools. Designed and implemented in C++, it features texture support (only a single texture at the moment, for simplicity sake) and runtime editing.


  • Runtime modification of Position, Rotation and Scale of Graphics Objects in the scene.
  • Texturing support
  • Convenient UI to manage objects in the scene
  • Viewport system for an integrated view of different camera viewpoints.
  • FPS counter to analyse the load of the scene
  • Texturing support