May, 2012. Personal Project

This program was made for the Free and Open Source Laboratory. We were required to make software featuring open source components. I chose to work with the FFmpeg library.

Since FFmpeg had an amazing range of media handling capabilities, I decided to look at what most media conversion softwares (I benchmarked AVS4U video converter) lacked in terms of UI and features. I came up with a list of objectives I believed I could handle.


  • Portable: The software should be small, shouldn’t require administrative privileges. and shouldn’t be too heavily packed in with dependencies
  • Easy to use: A wizard like UI to help users navigate and get things done quicker without having to examine all the options at once
  • Should be able to accept custom media conversion parameters (to support user defined profiles for upcoming devices)

I was able to adhere to all of these by coming up with a small program of less than 4 mb single file, condensed by Xenocode’s virtual kernel software (Now, called Spoon studio).