May, 2012. Personal Project

Complete automation of PSP detection and installation of CFW setup files according preprogrammed patch profiles for handling various versions of the OFW of the target PSP. Includes a game ISO manager, CFW file re-setter and OFW upgrader. All features integrated into a centralized and simple to use GUI.

I’ve included the source code of program. Find the download link at the end.

Main screen:

This is the main screen from which users can choose the patch method and begin installation.

Flow of operation:

  • User chooses crack method
  • User begins installation. The program Detects the PSP’s drive and begins executing the necessary steps for the corresponding crack mode loaded
  • Any unsuccessful operations are logged in the tasks panel
  • The user can also choose to use one tools in the program

Change Crack window:

 Tools window:

ISO manager window:

Resetter window:

Download Source code Download Setup file