December, 2009. MelodyMax

Inspired by Winamp’s humble and simplistic beginnings, I thought I’d try and make a media player for myself, mostly just for the fun of it. I decided that I’d use external media engines for the audio processing and that I’d try to work more on a better program in terms of features, use, portability and feel.

One of the iconic features of MelodyMax is it’s capability to be operated without having it open solely by “Balloon notifications and System tray windows”.


  • Skinned and compact U.I.
  • Industrial sound standard: Usage of BASS audio library
  • Implementation of a “System tray icon control center”- The first of its kind at the time of the program’s completion.
  • Small memory foot print, size on disk and system resource usage.




This is the main screen. The UI is simple, compact but effective.

Skin - Blue

The program supports colour tinting and comes with 4 basic themes.

Skin - Diff

This is an Office 2007 theme

System tray control:

Balloon notification

This is the window that comes up when the user clicks the system tray icon.  Notice the slider bars on the bottom and on the left.

Balloon notification 2

Clicking the lower slider bar opens up the seeker, volume control and playback control.

Balloon notification 3

The left slider opens up the playlist