May, 2012. Mobile Development Laboratory.

This is a client/server program meant for file sharing. The client (running on Android) connects to a server running on the computer. The user then logs in with preset credentials. A list of files shared to that specific user is shown. Files can then be transferred from the computer to the phone.


  • File sharing system where multiple users can connect to a central server and download files.
  • Concurrent file sharing service
  • Easy U.I for setting users and their respective file share lists

The server was coded in and the client was coded using B4A (Basic4Android). B4A’s sockets are basically java at implementation. This required me to “bridge” operation between native .net sockets and java sockets.

I’ve included the source code of program. Find the download link at the end.

Main screen:

This is the main screen from which file transfers can be viewed. The enrollment wizard can be used to creating users and assigning files sharable to them.MainEnrollment wizard:First


ThirdVideo demonstration: 

(Word of warning. This was made in 2012 and was intended for an “informal” audience (my brother and dad). Don’t mind the slightly colloquial mean of explanation)