“Bellevue Blues”

Album: OctoberMoon

Image may contain: night, text and water

So, I thought I’d try and come up with an album of sorts, as opposed to just playing by myself. This is more of a tribute to a certain something (that I guess some people remember/know), through an art-experiment I thought I’d try with all the material I’ve recorded (for fun) over the years. There isn’t much other than the fact that:
1) Every track has to be an improv. So, it’s got to be original and from an “on the spot” take. Each track is cut from a contiguous subsection of a 30 to 60 minute imrov.
2) Most of the tracks are my improvisations over backing tracks from YouTube – some several years old.
3) The music videos weren’t designed/rendered by me – I just used templates. The album art – I made back in 2011.

The idea is my attempt to try and coincide sonic, visual and poetic art, combinations of which I’ve experimented with before, but not all at once. Remember, this is all improv, so expect mistakes, sloppy playing and other stuff (for example, the hang-up at 0:30 and 00:35). It’s an amateur album xD.

Anyway, here goes nothing.

Something I improv’d some late Friday night, not too long ago. It’s an RnB track. If you want to jam to it, too, get it from YouTube (https://youtu.be/Quc5rWbJ5Mg)